Thursday, January 14, 2010


I think that joyee is in shock cuz we all suddenly left at the same time.
Sorry jo,
dont be sad, its just that we arent around you, it doesnt mean u dont have anyone.
I heard she went to nott to meet naf, and she was crying.

Maybe I will skype with her everyday-
but I am always comin online at the wrong time-_-
I tend to come on when she's not there,
-_- or maybe, she just doesnt come online
I'm worried,
joyee is very strong yet very weak
She needs people around
cuz she is so used to that environment.

Just like naf,
Naf needs people around her.
Atleast she has all her uni friends in nott.

I really wanna be with them..
dont blame me,
malaysia is not a walking distance from korea.

I hope u guys dont cry anymore.
I'm not there,
as I tell u guys all the time-_-
no crying when I'm not there!
yes yes

by the way..
its freezing here..
I'm having a blanket over me-_-;
covering my self.
cuz! its cold even inside-_-
even tho we have the heater on..
this is BULL SHIT!! T_T

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

14.01.2010.... they said its the coldest weather in korea today.............

Let me start with one word.
ok, now its -16 degrees-_- how nice!
they said today will be the coldest of all years of winter-_-
AND I HAVE TO GO OUT T-T... noooooooooo
Why does my uni meeting have to be today........

Look at me-0-;; hahaha

I'm like this right now-_- trying to cover up myself with anything.. but I forgot to take a mask-_-
my mouth was frozen..

how do u like the snow there??

oh my boots. hahahaha warm, but not so warm-_-;

guess where this is........
this is RIGHT IN FRONT OF my house gate-_-;

I dont know if u can see it clearly, but its snowing..
the first day I reached korea.
it was snowing

U like??
its Cinnamon chocolate and Chocolate butter bread with cream

This was 2 days ago..

this is so bad-_-
I dont wanna go out-_-

have to say,
I miss all of u!
hoping to talk to u guys soon

Friday, January 8, 2010

08.01.2010..................Last day in Malaysia

September 11th, I came back to malaysia.
the moment I reached ampang, I went to meet naf!
yay, anyways
it was great! finally got to meet her after 3 months.

well ofcourse I have many pics,,, but.. seriously.. I'm so lazy to upload on this blog.. cuz it sux... so slow!

well anyways,, Its already time for me to go..
so I decided to upload some pics of...
what I did in malaysia..

this is when I went to Afiq's bday dinner at his house.. its hard for us to all meet like this..

OHH this is alief and naf. yes they are GREAT!!! we all love drinking... even tho naf stopped now. ISH
sad.. but anyways, its good, she decided to stop. HEALTHY

AHH YOOO joyee. hahahaha see her??
we have been drinkin for 5 days straight! nice??
Thats.. las.. I love that place.. I'm gonna really miss that place!

Thats my fav margarita! yes yes. nice.. and cheap! lol
but I havent been able to go there much cuz... low on cash! as usual lol.

One of the first new friend I met in korea decided to visit Malaysia.
we went to melacca for a trip. wait.. how is that place spelled-_-;;??
I duno anways.
It was good and bad-0-
cuz It was raining the WHOLE DAY!

I LOVE THEM.. hahahaha
one crazy ass people there! lol

OHH there is bas and Kirks and Jus and Andrew? ya. anyways
they were with us when we visited the place.
nice people..
jeehee was like... I dunno what they are saying, but ya! HAHAHA

Guitar Heroes!
Azman's house!
its FUCKING nice to play! lol
I'll miss u azman! lol

My 19th birthday! and also celebrating for christmas.
at nerve!
brian's friend's pub.
I like that place. its really chilling there,
but loud music sometimes-_-;

At nerve again,, we went to celebrate for new years.
welll..... we got 2 free bottles of wine!
.............ended up downing wine;;
damn nice rite?
bleh;; and it was only jo and I who were drinkin it.

will miss u guys too much!
so much

Our lovely alief and nick and azman! and ... whats the other guy's name-_-;
ok, there is chee kar? ya joyee's pet bro, hes really nice that he gets bullied by jo.
-_- joyee is mean. HAHAHAHA

Julian, joyee and... bas there dunno doing what! HAHAHA
well that was joyee's bday.
we went to nerve again.. sound system gone.. DBKL.. nice;;
anyways,, it was a fun nite;;
drank alot-_-
well thanks to all
I've had a wonderful time here while I was back.
damn.. I'm gonna leave soon.
but-_-; ya... uni. yessssss

Naf and Joyee, I will miss u both so much.
we've done so much together .
I really wont find any friend like u guys, u know that right?
damn it.

jo, even tho we had mood swings and stuff
U tried to understand all the time, and I love you and I'm sorry.
I really wanted to just leave the best memory for all you guys while I was back for 3 months, sometimes I was just an ass hole. hahaha
and ofcourse, when i was being an asshole, you never got annoyed cuz We all know joyee is very very nice!
she never says no!
and she will never be pissed.. unless its really bad. hahahahaha right?
thank you, altho u had ur stuff to do, you always made time for me, feeling sorry for me that I didnt have anything to do while u guys were busy. LOL
It was a lot more than enough of u to take me around everytime. hehehehe
I love you jo!
jo pan! hahahahaha

Naf, I know we didnt meet as much as we thought we would, we still had fun, and I know its not ur fault that u cant come out sometimes. If I were to get mad at that, I would really be a bad person.
but I am really a bad person cuz I got frustrated sometimes when u couldnt come out!
but everytime, I know that its not ur fault. DAMN I'm really mean-_-;
But u still made an effort!
alot of effort! hehehe, as I think I know your parents the most. and I know how strict they are!
i know that , and that's why I love you too.
I just hope that you dont get too stressed over your bf.
I dont want you to be too stressed over that, cuz you are naf!
NAF! you know what I mean!
I really will miss u ALOT. we've been friends for so long, that I dont really know what I will do when I dont have u to hang out with in korea.
your the best.


and all ther others,
azman, danial, alief, nick, I love u guys too.
will miss all of u.
Azman! our lovely brother, I dont think I have any other friend thats like you in such a young age!
Love you!!!
you're the best, with a big dream of yours, you will sure succeed. and dont forget me when you do!-_-!!!
alief, my drinkin buddy who decided to drink on his own now-_-
damn nice rite?
words coming out from the wrong person.
but still!
Dan! I met u only like;; 3 times! WHAT IS THIS!
and nick!
nick! you ass!
you make me laff all the time-_-hahahaha
that's why I love you~

I dont even know if I can come back to malaysia...

and all ther others, I will miss all of u.
Korea is so different from here, I dont know how I'm going to survive there.
but I hope it goes well.
and I hope to see u guys soon.

I hope we can all meet again.

Friday, January 1, 2010

01.01.2010.................Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

Lets say we had a very very nice end of the year party.
Got 1 chivas, 2 electric ice tea, which! one of them was free! and then! we had 2 bottles of wine,, for free too~
lucky night I guess. lol
ok-_-;; BUT! no one wanted to drink the wine-_- so naf and jo and I drank the whole thing I think lol
that guy called cheekah? ya he was practically in the corner trying to wake up I think.
Naf and Dan went to melawati to go meet their friends, jo and I were finishing the left over drinks,
Azman, Nick, Alief,, and the other guy was playing pool.
this time it was cheap!
148? forgot,, but around there.
after the whole thing, we went to kayu-_-
I actually wanted to eat something.
like roti canai or something-_-
but then;; I just ordered the usual drink..
and then I wanted to pee so bad!!!
but decided to hold it cuz~~~ they were gonna head back already-_-
it was sooooooooooooo bad!
after I came back home. I washed my face and changed to pajamas,, then fell asleep.
nice.........................then wen I woke up-_-...
I realized........................I was still wearing my lense............................
damn nice!-_-; fuck this shit! it was DAMN painful when I took it out!
welll that was My last day of 2009.
A new year
resolution? hmm
dont have..
drink more! HAHAHA
anyways, I had a wonderful nite~
I hope everyone else did too!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

23.11.2009..... a new week

my like is like this,
go out, chill,, go home, eat.
sleep untill afternoon, then go out and chill again.
sometimes go out myself,, sometimes go out with jo and brian, and also naf.
I really hope december comes soon.
and really hope my mom dont take me back korea..
she actually said I have another reason why I should go to korea earlier.
If I go this year,
I would be able to get the vaccine for H1N1 virus, cuz I have to be 18 and below to get the vaccine,
if I go next year,, I mean jan,, I will be 19 by then, so I will have to wait quite a while to get the vaccine,, and she is worrying because they say that when the weather is colder,, you have a higher chance of getting the virus.
HOW NICE..........
anyways,,, I'm in coffee bean right now.
I know that I cant use internet at home, so I just came out, and u know the other reason why I wanna go out,,
right right??
naf is sick, I hope she gets well really soon.
and brian and joyee is still busy sorting out the accident and stuff..
JO said brian bought the Asam laksa~ WOOO
I hope it doesnt finish or get bad before I get to meet them. hahahahaha
anyways,,, I changed my blog.
It was so hard to fit pics in the other layout
well if I take more pics of myself and the others,, I will upload them..
right now my page is full of other people~ not me! -_-
how nice!!!
another shockin news...
My mom is cookin more often now!
how nice,, tonite's meal will be seafood spagettiiiiiiii
woooo hooooo
nice nice.
anyways, done for today
I know my post is very boring~-0-
but live with it1 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
till then~~~ byebye!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

19.11.2009......another day...

Listen to my heartbeat! hahahaha
I'm in love with the song heartbeat. hahaha
2pm! hahahaha
album: 1.59 pm.
damn nice-_-
its good. just relaxing. dunn have anything to do.
but I'm ok,
cuz in a way... I would miss this when I go back to uni and start studying and doing all those assignments again-_-;
well its bean long since I updated, so here it goes..
I'm in coffee bean right now.
I realize that everytime I'm in coffee bean , I wanna update my blog. lol
Naf is in uni,, joyee is busy right now trying to sort things, going around with brian. bleh,, it was bad~
I was too shocked after I saw the pictures-_- ITS A MESS!
anyways,,, the poster we made for brian's new burger is great!
some thought that it was printed! hahahahaha!!!!
and the burger turned out great~~`
I love the nerve fries! LOL
always order them when I'm there.
Now back to my life,
I started doing the chinese thing again. cuz my mom was buggin me to memorize it.
Its ok, better than having nothing to do.
I miss every one of u. I havent seen naf ,, and I only get to see her once a week or even less.
oh my friend in korea is complaining that korea is too cold now, especially more cold cuz too much wind. hahaha
My dad is comin back around the 26th,, YAY money! hahahaha
hahahahaha somemore my mom's bday and My bro's bday is near too. hahahaha
my dad will be using alot of money this time when he comes here. lol
I realized that I'm writing random stuff and the whole post doest fit in-_-
but wat to do, I'm just writing down anything that comes into mind. hahaha
oh ya!-_-;; I have study for toefl again-_-; I'm not taking the toefl exam again,,
but the uni that I'm goin in to, they are having this english level test, which is VERY similar to toefl-_- so............ I will have to go over those boring english notes-_-
how nice..
today is thursday,, naf is coming back tmr,, and jo says brian is goin back to penang tonite,, so I gues I will be able to meet them all tmr~ hehehehe
until then, I will be entertaining myself with drama and other programs...
AND also my farm~ hahahaha
will update with pics soon-_- maybe next time I go out with them, I wont forget to bring my camera out!-_-;

Saturday, October 31, 2009

30.10.2009.......... 생각...

I really need to do something.
tmr will be saturday.. actually it's saturday already. haha
well its AAR concert. I dont think I'm goin.
I might meet naf in the afternoon. joyee too.
Joyee finished her exams.. so shes free as you all know.
I'm very free. but dunn wanna disturb anyone , cuz I guess they have their own stuff.
so I shall just wait till they call me.
thinkin of goin back earlier.
my mom said I have alot to do before uni starts.
hmmm ok. now I'm kinda depressed in a way. cuz I don have anything to do.
I dont have much to say today. so ya.
I was playing Final Fantasy just now in oldtown with someone's psp I do not know..
joyee said its.... brian's friend... or cousin.. -_- I forgot.
well that's it for today. hope everyone has a wonderful day tmr.
c u soon. ^^
심심해서 그런가..
정말... 재미없다.
하지만... 친구들을 보기 위해 왔으니까..
그래도 조금은 더 버텨보자. ㅎㅎㅎ